Website types

What website should we create?

Our website may different according to appearance, functions (sales and design). We're distinguishing business website, a microsite, a landing page, portfolio website, personal website, blog, portal, website.

Internet business card

business card

If we have only one-paged introductory website, which has our business activity and availability defined, then generally, a static internet card we're talk about. The static word indicates that the website does not contains functions that necessary for keeping it up to date - e.g. admin interface, so there is way keep data up to date without a lot help of a developer. We're talking about websites that are very quickly to create, however the same time, we are not preparing to change the content too.

Business (introduction) website


For our business it's very important to be found on internet, make a good impression, build confidence. The company's presentation website has more pages, and created to represent products or services. Typically shows gallery, contact forms, articles, and contacts of the company.

Microsite (landing page)

Landing page

Supporting websites which usually stands for our company website created on separated URL (or on a different domain) is available as a clean and simple site, which for a product or service, draw attention to, and make the visitors do interaction (newsletter subscription, registration, purchase) events. Visitors specifically directed to such sites. Attention-grabbing, quick and just get to the point, contents are concise.

Portfolio site


Introducing visual arts, moreover, typically have less textual content. The images and videos dominate so, since this show best details. The site features also will be built around them, such as guest books, reviews, dates, upcoming dates and news, etc.

Personal website

Personal website

It is common that somebody publish personal website, sharing interests, hobbies and community ideas on internet. The choosen topic represents contents of a wide-area, which is typically useful for those who have similar interest.



The web log, i.e. a blog in which the author regularry shares his/her opinion, thoughts, events. Community can comment articles. Search engines are really love the continuously updated content that may give preference to these types of sites.



A complex web site, like an information center which built around one or more topics (e.g. travel). The author's objective is usually get together topic's work, and got advertisement places in return. Typically is constantly changing the content, updated times to time performed by several users. The portals normally articles, they have collected informations, which is ultimately leads visitors to external links.



When we specially using our website for each product or service to sell and over presentation, we even have support for online order or purchase, then we're talking about a webshop. Online cart system, categories, product search, filters are all about it. The product (name, description, image, etc.) and its connected services can easily keep up to date on admin's interface.

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