Does everyone know what the webshop concept means?

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Webshop (webstore, e-shop) is a web site that selling services and products. We get products / services (or what we want to buy) into a shopping cart. Online trading became advantageous for traders and the service providers, because business owners have noticed about new business opportunities that led to e-commerce and the webshops popularity.

How a webshop look like?

The webshops have very similar characteristics:

  • Services or products are sold. Sometimes the webshop is just a simple page of information to deliver a product or service, but typically it's a retail business with virtual business place where your actually trade is.
  • Most of the webshop's primary objective is to encourage the purchase of customers, and for this the tool is the virtual shopping cart. These buyers (or initially, only visitors) collecting products (goods) they're looking for . After that, the second step when they're updating their cart, specifing payment and delivery type (if it's a product), updating their data and confirm wherever the payment closes.
  • The webshops specially targeting a market segment (e.g., restaurants in the case of the daily/weekly menu and its delivery), but in exceptional cases, everything else can be found on them (when services and products are both included in the offer).
  • The webshop's popularity will grow over the next few years because of convenience, even it's up to seven days a week, 24 hours a day on the customers disposal.

How to create a webshop?


On the internet there are lot of web shops available. The virtual store (webshop) can be created with a webdesign software or, we can give it to a development or a company, or a contractor, but whether you have an existing webshop system can be rented, where the appearance could be costumize. This case it's a very cost-effective form to establishment of a webshop.

However licence is not required, but the commercial activity in the territorially competent notary should be reported.

Search for the "commercial activity notification" form, or contact your local clerk and ask about the manner in which could be do it. In this case, we'll get decision and hopefully a registration number.

To operate our shop required a management form (or individual enterprises), and existence for the products, services, sales necessary activities. If we sell products as well, it is necessary the "Parcel and internet retail" activity!

How our webshop become successful?


Az interneten elérhető webáruházak not all of them are successfull. Basically, two factors determine, that our virtual store in the online space redeem the promises or not. The virtual dealers, and the coverage of needs. Traders pay particular attention to the details to achieve success, but what you have to watch:

  • have to have simple, the menu system is easy to use and the products are organized into categories, all of them should be available on separated links.
  • Planning a webshop is requiring a serious logical preparation, you have to define your menu items, planning the purchasing process, also you need to define messages for customers, and have to figure out those functions which are particular for the product or service you want to sell.
  • SEO, i.e. search engine optimization friendly, because today the search engines are came up to number one position. To be sure that our shop are available for search engines (like Google Crawler) we have to optimize it. A well optimized webshop's content will be indexed by search engines (assessing and storing) that is mandatory for potential customers being sent to the page.
  • We have to put tools for contacting being placed our webshop pages, because customers want to make sure that real person or company operating the site. In the case of orders we want to inform them about their ordering process.
  • Sales processes, and statistics (e.g. Google Analytics) are help us track your shopping (buying) process, or determine which products or services were (or less) popular.

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