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Fair Partnership, a whole new business model. Constantly supported website development regarding your feedbacks

Satisfy all of your needs we're providing websites which already done you only have to choose what is closest to your benefits.

Your existing content would be copied to the new website (if it's possible), so in ideal cases you don't have deal with it

Starting even in a day, your catering unit's website, customized to your services and contents could start even within a day

Zero, i.e. (ZERO) USD price for creating / developing your website but have full access to modify or edit freely your website's content or elements

Absolutely responsive appearance. Your restaurant's website and its services will be available on computer, tablet and mobile phone and will be adapted to the current device's resolution

Flexible, adopted to your needs, optional rent periods, without any other obligations, without any extra fees

Helpdesk, help and training for your restaurant website maintenance. Keeping all your content up to date, you are in charge so you can edit contents according to your ideas without taking help from someone else

Hosting, providing the best environment for your website

Regardless of your previous website only the domain (e.g. http : // mybusinessdomain . com) will be redirected to create your modern online interfaced website

What does the catering (restaurant) website provide you?

SEO, i.e. search engine optimization. Our application supports main search engines to get relevant data. Get more results in Google / Yandex / Bing, what brings you more visitors (even customers)

Localization multi language support (website wisitors can choose from English, German, Russian, Hungarian languages) which is automatic machine translation but administrator can correct it.

Menu edit. Easy management of categories, subcategories, products

automatically calculated, and rounded EUR rates (based on online exchange rate wich can be adjusted)

Menu, weekly menu, and a'la carte order food online with delivery

Editing the website's content with free tool (similar to Word editor)

Gallery (and photos bulk upload) module. Fully automatic, no need to resize images before upload

Screener images module. Lift out special pictures with message, on the site's home page

Featured content module. Promotions, benefits, or other content can make it into something spectacular for the website home page

Services module. Tell visitors what kind of services you can offer in your catering unit

Reviews (testimonials) module. Increase visitor's trust, share your guests experience

Reservation module. Your visitors can make reservations according to your business opening hours

Contact module. Instant messaging from your visitors directly to you accross your website

Newsletter. Advertise to customers about the current sales with the world's leading newsletter sending

User module. Registration, login, orders, bookings (appointments), tracking (appointments), and simplified order record through the website

Administration interface, where you can easily setor keep track of the above mentioned services, respectively the content is free to be edited

What does it cost?

Month fee:

19 USD / month

Semester fee:

95 USD (15.8 USD / month)

Annual fee:

165 USD (13.75 USD / month)

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